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Electrician Services

LED Lighting – LED lights have grown in popularity over the years. Not only can they be used in both commercial and domestic applications, but they can also be retro-fitted onto old lighting fixtures. Not to mention, the long-term reduction in both energy consumption and expense.

Lighting Design, Maintenance, & Repair – Lighting will play a major role in how your home will look, and it can affect how you feel in that space. Not only can it affect your mood and sense of morale, but it can also affect your feeling of safety, security, and ability to make decisions. You need to figure out how the space will be used. And from there, you can come up with a lighting design. This can include the amount of light that’s needed along with its brightness, color, and direction.

Thermal Scanning – Thermal scanning detects infrared radiation and produces images that make them visible. Because every object that has a temperature above “absolute zero” emits infrared radiation, thermal scanning makes it possible to see your environment without the need for visible light.

Motor Controls & HMI Systems – Motor controls give you the ability to manipulate an electrical motor. This can include starting or stopping, regulating its speed, and changing its rotation. These processes can be done manually, or they can include a system that controls them automatically. 

Pump Controls – Pump controls are designed to regulate the motors that provide power to electrical pumps, which can be done in a few different ways. One method is to make sure that the pump meets its minimum flow requirements by using a recirculation loop from the area being pumped, but you can also use a pump with a variable speed drive so its flow can be regulated.

Signage – Electronic signs can be used in both an indoor and outdoor environment, and the technology used in the lighting have changed rapidly in recent years. Digital technology and improvements in lighting systems have made them clearer, more colorful, and can display more vivid images. Animated electronic signs have replaced the more traditional units that simply provide a static display.