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Motor Controls

Motor controls give you the ability to manipulate an electrical motor. This can include starting or stopping, regulating its speed, and changing its rotation. These processes can be done manually, or they can include a system that controls them automatically. The most basic type of motor control is a switch that connects something to an external power source (such as in small appliances and power tools), but more complex systems can control the speed and torque of the motor to which it’s connected.

motor controls

Types of Motor Controls

Motor controls can be operated manually, remotely, or automatically (depending on the application), and they’re classified according to the type of motor it’s designed to control. They have to be connected to some type of power source (such as a battery pack or power supply), and the control circuits can be either analog or digital. There are several types of motor control systems, which include:

  • Motor Starters — A small motor that can be started by plugging it into an electrical source or by using a switch or circuit breaker. Smaller units can be operated with a simple switch, but larger motors need a system for controlling it remotely or automatically through the use of “magnetic contactors.”
  • Reduced Voltage Starters — Connects the motor to a power source through a device that reduces the voltage, while increasing it gradually or in steps. They’ll typically require two or more contactors for the reduced voltage to be implemented. And once it gets to a certain power level, it will switch to full voltage at the motor terminals.
  • Adjustable-Speed Drives — Also called “variable-speed drives,” they’re a combination of interconnected equipment that offers a way to adjust the speed of a mechanical system. They’ll have an electrical motor, as well as a speed controller or power converter that’s combined with other auxiliary devices and equipment.
  • Intelligent Motor Controllers — Intelligent motor controllers use a microprocessor to monitor and control the power moving through electronic devices. This includes reducing the voltage through AC terminals while regulating the flow of current.

HMI Systems

Some motor controls have an HMI system, which stands for “human machine interface.” They function as an interface between the user and the machine, which can have a number of applications. However, the term HMI refers more to manufacturing processes and controls systems. It can offer a visual depiction of a control system and can provide data that can be viewed and collected in real time — all of which can improve productivity.

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