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Electronic signs can offer a means of illuminant advertising, which can include any of the following:

  • Fluorescent signs
  • High intensity displays (HID)
  • Incandescent signs
  • LED signs
  • Neon signs

Electronic signs can be used in both an indoor and outdoor environment, and the technology used in the lighting have changed rapidly in recent years. Digital technology and improvements in lighting systems have made them clearer, more colorful, and can display more vivid images. Animated electronic signs have replaced the more traditional units that simply provide a static display.

Texas Laws Regarding the Display of Electronic Signs

It’s not hard to find an electronic sign for your business, but getting a permit to install one isn’t as simple. The advertising industry has two terms for advertising displays — off-premises advertising device and on-premises advertising device. And there are different regulations and zoning requirements for every city with regard to these types of media. The State of Texas may require you to get a permit, but it will depend on where it will be displayed along with other relevant regulations. It’s outlined in the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which requires the State of Texas to control the types of signs that are being displayed on interstate highways and other federally funded roadways.

LED Technology Used in Electronic Signs

Also called Electronic Message Centers (EMC’s), LED signs are programmable visual communication displays, and many of them are meant to be used in outdoor environments. They can store and display many different messages in dozens of formats, and they can be rotated in a variety of intervals. Electronic Message Boards (which is another term that’s sometimes used) give you the ability to change messages more frequently without the added cost of replacing missing or broken letters or the labor that’s involved in changing the message by hand.

LED signs can give you the ability to communicate more effectively with people who are passing by at a specific time by changing the message and image to match the profile of a particular street. It can allow you to get your message across to different people within your target market and to specific demographics that are located in different areas. Many of them can also withstand harsh outdoor conditions (such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight). You can even use ultra-bright LED’s if the glare of the sun is an issue.

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If you’re looking for someone to set up an electronic sign for your place of business, 1st Choice Electric has a team of electricians in Corpus Christi that can help you. Our staff is fully licensed in doing electrical work, and we can handle any number of projects. We even have a bucket truck in case we need to work in more elevated areas.

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